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Transforming post-conflict societies through the education of young people

41 projects completed to date

In 25 countries

A budget of more than 2 million Euros

For the benefit of more than 500,000 people

Mission and Strategies

Peace Protest



Faced with the chaos caused by the conflict in Ukraine, children and people with disabilities are the most affected, as they face additional challenges and difficulties. Suffering from a physical or mental disability, these people are unable to go to the bomb shelters on their own or to move to safer areas. The project aims to respond urgently to the needs of these people and their families in the medical, nutritional, logistical and psychological fields.

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Our actions

Since 12 years, we have carried out 41 projects in 25 different countries, around the world, to help local populations after a period of conflict. The foundation mainly chooses projects in areas suffering or having suffered from conflicts where young people can and want to play a decisive role.

Our partners

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Who are we ?

Impact Hope is a Swiss Foundation of public utility also recognized in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our actions are based on an integral vision of the human being, rooted and guided by the Christian faith.

These actions are relevant and sustainable only if, through them, the human being finds the meaning of his life, the human values that are dear to him and the real freedom.


Our actions are based on an integral vision of the human being, rooted and guided by the Christian faith.

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We work primarily with young people in areas that have experienced conflict or serious discrimination.

Our mission is to promote the "living together" and to create hope through a different way of thinking and acting.

To this end, we encourage and support initiatives aimed at training young people to become agents of change and decision-makers in the service of peace.

We support economic activities that bring different communities together and foster a society in which prosperity is shared.

  • How much of the funds actually go to the field?
    The foundation has fairly limited operating costs thanks in particular to some sponsors. We can guarantee that at least 90% of the funds are allocated directly to our local partner organizations and therefore to the realization of their projects.
  • What guarantee can we have on the correct use of the funds?
    All projects and partners are subject to regular independent evaluations of the use of funds in relation to the objectives set. Impact Hope also reports annually to the foundation watchdog in Bern, which ensures foundations stay true to their mission.
  • How are the countries and partner organizations in the field chosen?
    Countries are chosen based on the priorities of the foundation and the connections made by members of Impact Hope over the years. This makes it possible to go more quickly to the essentials and to select known and reliable partners. They must demonstrate good governance, have good technical knowledge in their field, take into account the interests of the most vulnerable people and communities, be independent and non-governmental.
  • What is the impact on the most vulnerable populations?
    The precise impact of projects on populations is not easy to measure. However, we can define and implement with these populations the means to achieve viable objectives that meet the real priorities. The results contributing to the achievement of these objectives are measured by means of indicators.
  • What is the average duration of a project?
    A project supported by Impact Hope has an average duration of at least 3 years, which allows you to gradually ramp up and consolidate the achievements.
  • What are the priorities met?
    Priorities can be multiple but we try, thanks to participatory approaches, to focus on the real problems encountered and on effective, economical and feasible solutions in the short term. The challenges we encounter in our actions are essentially the revival of the local economy and living together.
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