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Promoting integral development

Our vision

Founded in 2008, Impact Hope is a Swiss public utility foundation also recognized in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.


We work in post-conflict countries, mainly with young people, to help citizens build their future.


In some 20 countries, we have successfully carried out social, economic and cultural projects in collaboration with local populations.


The foundation has a network of experienced and competent people to carry out projects in the field and ensure the effectiveness of donations.


We collect donations from companies, large families and private individuals wishing to invest in meaningful projects with measurable impact.


Impact Hope is managed and supervised by a Board of Directors composed of 3 members, and the Foundation's accounts are audited by an independent company in Switzerland


Your task is not to foresee the future, but enable it
A. de St Exupéry

Our values

By remaining open to all cultures, religions and social situations, our intervention is aimed primarily at the poorest, the excluded, those who have lost hope and those who are at the heart of the world's violence

Our action cannot be conceived without considering the importance of fraternal ties between all people, factors of stability and peace for all.

We are convinced that ecological balance and the wise and equitable use of the world's resources are essential elements of justice for all communities in our "global village"

Our values

Technical support

Thanks to its network of experts, Impact Hope provides technical advice in various fields such as education, food security, public health or the local economy.


The foundation also provides a link with several Lebanese, Chilean, Belgian and American universities on quite specific issues such as vocational training, marginal education or agricultural research.

Methodological support

Impact Hope regularly intervenes in the reflection on the setting up of projects. Exchanges with the local partner make it possible to refine concepts, to adjust working methodologies, to optimize the use of the human and material resources and to make good use of objective-based planning methods.

Les enfants pour la paix

Financial support

Impact Hope is actively seeking private funding in Europe and the rest of the world to carry out the projects it is committed to.


It regularly reaches agreement with other financial players on site to ensure consistency and a certain continuity of funding. It encourages financial solidarity both locally and between countries of the South.

Moral support

In certain conflict zones, Impact Hope provides moral support to its partners (mainly the Middle East and Bosnia) through regular contacts and networking with other entities.


Our history




In the middle of the big global financial crisis in 2008, three friends* decided to join their efforts, ideas and networks to prevent the poorest, the most vulnerable from being even more so.


*Jean-Marie Joly, a development economist with a degree in theology, becomes president. While pursuing his university studies and aeronautical qualifications, he was closely involved in launching NGOs and foundations with an integral development perspective.


*Nicolas Buttet, a lawyer by training, former member of the cantonal parliament of Valais in Switzerland, is a priest. He collaborated in Rome with the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, and then founded the Eucharistein Fraternity in Saint-Maurice-d'Agone. He is the vice-president of the foundation.


*Didier Rance is a historian by training and a writer. He has worked for more than 10 years in Africa and the Middle East for various international organizations. He was the director of Aid to the Church in Need in France for several years.

The foundation is managed on a daily basis by Jean-François Dewitte, an agricultural engineer. He worked for several years in East Africa, Brazil and South East Asia. He has been active in cooperation for more than 35 years.

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